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  • Users Video Recording
  • Test on mobile and Desktop device
  • Test with Prototype/mobile web/ App
  • Assign Custom Tasks to testers
  • Assign Custom Surveys to testers
  • Mobile App Heatmaps (SDK-embedded)
  • Mobile App User Flow (SDK-embedded)
  • UX Metrics Report
  • AI Emotion Detection
  • Multiple Seats
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Dedicated Field Application Engineer
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (Training and On-boarding)

Q & A

How does UXTesting works?

UXTesting helps you make the data-driven decisions and uncover users’ insight by testing with prototypes, mobile app/web on the mobile or desktop devices. You can assign tasks and survey to the testers to get the most out of the user research.

After testers finish the tasks and survey, all data will be uploaded to the UXTesting dashboard. You can easily view all the videos and visualized reports. We are willing to power up your research scope and help you seamlessly communicate insights with your teammates in an effective way.

Can I try out UXTesting first?

Sure thing! We offer a free trial for 14 days without credit card required after you’ve signed up for an account. Unlimited usage and all features are available during your free trial period.

However, the recording function and data won’t be able to access when you exceed the trial. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your data for few months, and it will resume when you buy a plan.

Can I add my colleague to the same project?

Of course, you can add your colleagues to work together with you. We provide multiple seats for any size of the organization.
Need more than one seat: Please contact us at

Does UXTesting support live apps?

Our SDK is approved by Apple Store and Google Play. However, we don’t recommend our customers install SDK on live apps because of privacy issues. Our main focus is on providing a new method to do user research, especially for the testing phase. Analytics for live apps is not part of our intentions.

Can I disable UXTesting remotely?

Yes. Click “Settings tab“ in the dashboard, and click the “Inactive” in the Status option to disable it. By changing the status from “Active” to “Inactive”, all the functions of UXTesting will be deactivated.

How does the payment work? Do you offer annual billing?

We provide a custom price which depends on your requirement such as annual plan and will charge your credit card according to the quote. You can fully access all the data and our service within the effective period. Once the license expires, you won’t be able to access your data until reactivating your account.
Contact us to get a custom plan: Here

Can I get an invoices?

Sure! We use Stripe that supports automatically to send invoice and purchase orders to all the customers. If there is any problem, please contact

What if I cannot find a right tester?

If you require the assistance to recruit the panel, we are happy to help. Just contact us for more information here

What about privacy issues from testers?

The mission of UXTesting is to provide user-friendly methods for testing. Please have your testers’ agreement before conducting any tests